We Offer Professional Fee-Based Investment Management Services for Institutions.

Services For Institutions


Investment Management

We are committed to assisting clients who have responsibility for pools of assets, such as corporations, hospitals, private and public retirement plans, foundations, and endowments. We provide consulting services, development of investment policy guidelines, asset allocation, and performance monitoring. All functions are focused on assisting organizations in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations, providing investment guidance, and proper portfolio monitoring.

Specific assistance is available to: 

    •    Preparation of a written Investment Policy Statement.        
    •    Diversifying portfolio assets with regard to defined risk/return parameters.       
    •    Discretionary and non-discretionary Portfolio Management.   
    •    Cash flow and budgeting analysis.
    •    Ensuring income needs are met for the institution.
    •    Implementing strategies and active professional portfolio reporting and monitoring


Investment Management Process

Our Investment Management Process can be summarized as:

1.    Analyze current portfolio, if any, otherwise develop a series of objectives and constraints for the organization. 

2.    Determine the organization's specific needs, i.e. cash flow, fixed income, growth rate, expectations, etc. 

3.    Build the portfolio according to the organization's requirements,  time horizons, objectives, and their internal investment guidelines. Furthermore, we use a broad array of investments and strategies to achieve the organization's targets.

4.    Actively manage and monitor the portfolio to ensure proper due diligence and reporting. In addition, we review your Investment Policy Statement and ensure all allocations are correctly aligned. If not, then proper tactical and strategic adjustments are made in order to rebalance the portfolio accordingly.


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