We Offer Holistic Professional Portfolio Management for Actively Managed Accounts

Wealth Management


Portfolio Management

Portfolio and Wealth management is the professional management of various securities and assets in order to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors. Our active portfolio management approach includes research, due diligence, asset selection, plan implementation, and ongoing monitoring.

We take great pride in our ability to provide outstanding portfolio management services to our clients. In particular, we believe our investment process, coupled with our distinguishing quanitative analysis and intellectual capital, provides our clients with industry leading wealth management value.


Portfolio Management Process

Our Wealth Management process can be summarized as:

1.    Understand our client’s objectives, risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, and distribution or contribution expectations. 

2.    Develop an investment strategy that provides the best probability of achieving client goals while managing the portfolio volatility to an agreed upon level.

3.    Utilize a broad array of investments to build a customized portfolio for each client using negative or low correlated assets. This provides an opportunity to manage portfolio volatility without sacrificing the expected rate of return for a given level of volatility. Furthermore, we seek to construct diversified portfolios across a wide range of asset classes while actively monitoring portfolio exposures.

4.    We develop forward looking forecasts of our investment strategies using research and monitoring changes in the world economies and financial markets.

5.    We update our forecasts to account for changes in opportunities and volatility. Since these are actively managed accounts, we allow for tactical changes to the portfolio while maintaining the long-term strategic parameters. Our flexible and adaptive approach to portfolio management allows us to actively adjust the asset mix in response to prevailing market dynamics.


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